How To Prevent A Marriage From Failing?

If you are not sure that your feelings towards your partner are strong enough, and you want to prevent your marriage from failing, here are some tips for you.

How To Prevent A Marriage From Failing?

You love your partner, and your partner loves you back. Is that enough to make your marriage work? Certainly not!

Marriage is the union of two imperfect souls, where both of them need to continuously work on the relationship. Making a marriage work is a lot of hard work but is surely worth it in the long run.

So, here we have shared a few tips that will help you make your marriage work.

Start talking

The communication gap is one of the major reasons behind separation. Couples often face difficulties in opening up to each other freely. They find it difficult to convey their feelings and talk about the problems they are facing.

Spouses often fear being judged by their partners. As a result, they keep it all within themselves and do not open up. Do not let such fear spoil your marriage. It is never too late to start talking. Share your feelings. Talk about what keeps you awake at night, what gives you nightmares, or how you fear that your partner will lose interest in you eventually.

Never shy away from expressing your true emotions. Try to let your partner know what is hurting you. Communication lays the foundation of any good relationship. Take out an hour or two each day to talk about their experiences throughout the day. Talk to each other about everything with your partner.

Do not always speak about your problems. Be a patient listener too. It is important to take turns to speak. Also, do not judge your partner. Being judgemental may harm the relationship in the long run.

2. Address Your Unresolved Trauma

Every relationship is guaranteed to have its ups and downs. If any comment or action of your partner has hurt you, clarify it immediately.

In case any pre-marital trauma haunts you, or you do not like your spouse talking to his/her ex, you should inform your partner about it immediately.

Explain to them why you feel so bad about it and work out a solution together. It would help if you overcame your trauma so that it doesn’t destroy your marital life.

Also, remember to always look at the positive aspect of life. Do not hold onto the bad experiences. Forget the past and move on with your married life.

3. Notice And Appreciate

The popular proverb, “Ignorance is bliss,” doesn’t work for a marriage. It is the fundamental responsibility of the partners to notice even the minute changes about each other.

Appreciate the good points of your partner. Learn to praise the new dress she wore or the new perfume he purchased. Such gestures of appreciation will make your partner feel loved.

Also, the fact that you have noticed such minute details may please your partner. Lack of notice or appreciation may be misinterpreted for indifference, which may harm your relationship.

4. Show Compassion

This world needs kinder people. So, both the partners need to show compassion towards each other. People who claim that marriage is a 50/50 formula probably never understood the formula of marriage.

Both of you need to give your relationship your best shot. Fifty percent may be too little. There are going to be days when one of you feels too low to show compassion. It signals the other partner should show compassion and be more understanding.

It is important to take care of your partner. Also, allow yourself to be taken care of in return. There is no shame in showing compassion.

Trust is yet another building brick of a relationship. Hence, it is important not to let hatred or suspicion make your heart bitter. Be true to your partner and do not cheat on them.

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5. Understand The True Meaning Of Love

The concept of love has been distorted beyond proportion. The entire concept of love is more mature than the emotions portrayed in a Mills and Boons novel.

Love is an emotion to be expressed through your daily actions. You don’t need to repeatedly say, “I love you” to show your love. Instead, bringing a glass of water to a partner who’s endured a hectic day is an act of love. Sitting in silence with your partner and listening to them blabber about their day is also an act of love. Once you understand what love is, you will easily implement it in your daily life.

6. Don’t Play The Blame Game

Stop blaming your partner for everything that goes wrong in your life. Relationship experts suggest a simple exercise to help you see the futility of the blame game. Stand in front of a mirror. Point the finger at your reflection. Four other fingers will point back at you.

If you are angry with your partner for some reason, do not start hurling bad words at them, trying to accuse them. It shows that you are more at fault than your partner. Blaming a partner will not solve the problem.

Instead, the two of you should strive to solve the problems together. If some comment or action of your partner has made you angry, stop and think logically. Ask your partner the reasons behind such a comment or action. The answers that you get will stop you from finger-pointing.

A logical discussion is always healthier than passing the blame like immature school kids.


Relationship experts claim there is no such thing as a perfect marriage or a match made in heaven. Save your relationship before it hits the rock, and for that to be achieved, both partners need to act like mature individuals.

Also, having trust and faith is important if you want to keep your relationship strong and healthy. The points discussed above are not foolproof, but they will certainly help you lead a good married life.

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published: 2021-01-09


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